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Ground Beef

These guys (lower picture,actually, they're girls (cows)) could end up as what we call "Jersey-lean" hamburger---their ration does contain up to 20% grain inputs---but as you can see, they're happily grazing as much as possible. The meat is very lean and flavorful, and unsurpassed by common fare.
Ben & Jim with cattle

So why do we consider our ground beef to be premium, in flavor & quality? It is because our burger is made from the meat of the entire animal, not just the scraps left over after all the good cuts are taken. So included in each package are all the high quality cuts. Each package is the same as the next. The ground beef is all thoroughly mixed before being packaged.

Our grass-fed meat is from our herd of Jersey milk cows, specifically the male offspring, called bulls, or steers. The premium burger from the steers is 100% grass-fed; those guys don't know what corn tastes like, haven't seen it in pictures. No corn. Check out the health benefits from grass-fed beef.

We also offer hamburger from healthy (but no longer productive) cows. The burger from the cows is not completely grass-fed; they do have a minimal amount (20%) of corn in their diet, which is nothing compared to the typical feedlot amounts.

Neither is certified organic at this time. All of our livestock have been on 100% organic feed since 9/11/09. They do not receive any growth hormones, implants or anything else to stimulate faster growth. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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