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Getting the Best Out of Your Tortilla

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Sunflower Oil vs Coconut Oil. See Below

How to prepare tortillas

Our tortillas have many uses, as we elaborate on below. But whatever you choose to use them for, here's how you will enjoy them the best. Just warm each tortilla slightly (about 5 seconds per side--longer will make it crisp, and you won't be able to nicely stuff all your goodies in), on a preheated surface. If, like us, your stove is electric, a cast iron Comal is your best option. (It's like a side-less cast iron skillet (which would probably work just fine if you do not have one and cannot justify getting one)). If you have a gas stove, you can just put your tortilla right on the open flame, on low for about a second. Image Caption Heating them seems to add flavor, soft texture, & ability to wrap up a boatload of goodies and hold up all the way to the last bite without tearing. Depending on how many are being served in what time frame, many tortillas can be heated & then placed in a tortilla warmer.

Ingredients & Process

Our tortillas are Certified Organic through Natures International Certification Services (NICS). Our ingredient list is simple & easy to pronounce. Flour, (white, wheat or spelt), High Oleic Sunflower Oil, , vinegar, water, salt, baking soda. We use no preservatives & that is why it is important to keep our tortillas refrigerated.

Spelt tortillas

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Spelt tortillas will not "stretch & wrap" as well as the white & wheat. Spelt is also not gluten free. Simply put, it is the "antique" wheat before its hybridization. You can check out the benefits of spelt here to see if it would be acceptable (as far as) gluten intolerance in your specific case; it varies from one person to another.

Future Plans

We did build a 2,000 sq ft licensed facility on our farm. We are putting effort into getting into more stores. We believe our tortilla will enhance a meal in such a way as not to take over, but to put a fine compliment on the best of what can be wrapped.

The change Back to Sunflower Oil

In an effort to always offer the best product we can, we thought we were making an improvement by changing to coconut oil. There seem to be so many benefits to coconut oil. And there are. But an ingredient in a tortilla is not one of them. When we did trials with them, they seemed a little softer. But coconut oil is a "76 degree" oil. Below 76 it is a solid. That in itself is fine. We would put a 5 gallon pail of it in 1 of our proofers the night before & it was a liquid in the morning, ready for use in our recipe. However, when cooled, the tortillas became noticably stiffer. The oil was also causing the tortillas to stick together making it somewhat difficult to separate without some tearing. As is the case with all of our products, we want it to be of the highest quality. If it's not, "Wow! These are really good!", who would want to buy them again? We are not saying this with arrogance, just a desire to make an excellent product.

With this goal in mind, we have decided to return to the sunflower oil. There are also benefits to it as well. We are in favor of buying local, & this oil comes from Century Sun Oil in Pulaski WI. They understood when we switched to the coconut oil. They were very accommodating to get us oil again to get it back in our tortillas. We apologize for making this interruption in the quality of our tortillas. We hope you will stay with us.

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