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Vegetable production & practices


The vegetables that come from our farm are certified organic, through Nature's International Certification Services (NICS). 1 change in 2017 will be that there just won’t be much in the way of vegetables taken to the farmers markets. Times can be a challenge when the children are growing into the age when their friends are getting married. And they are getting married. And there are some that think Saturday afternoon is the perfect time for a wedding. Well when you work all week to take your goods to the farmers markets on Saturdays, it’s hard to give up the pay check. Our daughters love going to the market. It’s a struggle.

But it’s not only the weekend conflicts. Milking cows twice a day plus managing cows on pasture plus Carol (my wife) thinks we make hay every day from the beginning of May until the end of September. There’s probably at least 4 days a month that we don’t, probably.

As enjoyable as the markets are, and as much as they all love to meet the customers every week & will miss that, we have decided to take a little pressure off. Our daughter Rachel got married in February & now lives about 3 hours away. (The ironic thing is that she loved growing vegetables & going to market. She did not like the dairy cows or any part of it. She married a young man who came from a dairy farm & wants to take it over some day).

We are putting more effort into our tortilla production. At least for 2017, we will only be at the Dane County Market on the square. We will probably not be there every week, but now we have 3 ladies that loved the markets & may just all want a turn to be there with tortillas & ground beef.


We are planning on growing for the 2 winter farmers markets, Milwaukee & Madison. We will see how that works out, but that is the plan for now. We’re planning on root crops & greens for winter production.


If you'd like to know when we are coming to market, just send us an email stating that you'd like to be added to our weekly email list. We can send an email out every Friday, listing what we'll be bringing, & when we will be at the Dane County Market on the square.

Production Practices

Our vegetables are certified organic & will continue to be.

Since we apply no chemical herbicides, our weeds are either cultivated with a small tractor (some) or pulled by hand (most). During the summer months we imitate Santa Claus all summer long (hoe, hoe, hoe).

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