Food, fun, and good company go together! We are always looking for flavorful, nutritious recipes to use with our organic foods. Here are some we’ve found , that you may enjoy with your family and friends!


Quesadillas offer a quick and easy way to put a tasty snack in front of your family. Our tortillas, whether white, whole wheat, or spelt, are perfect for using with these recipes!

Tortilla Wraps!

If you’re looking for some low-carb ideas as part of your meal plan, then these healthy, low calorie tortilla wraps will fit the bill!

Beef Stew!

Nothing hits the spot during the Winter months like a hearty bowl of beef stew! This recipe shows how to make a delicious pot of stew by slow cooking. Our naturally raised beef products include stew meat, that may be ordered directly from us. Just contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you with your order.

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