Our Certified Organic tortillas are produced in our family’s commercial kitchen, in three delicious varieties… Whole Wheat, White, and Spelt.  
Our tortillas are Certified Organic through Natures International Certification Services (NICS). Our ingredient list is simple & easy to pronounce. Flour, (white, wheat or spelt), Sunflower oil, vinegar, sea salt, baking soda, and water.
You may view and order our tortillas by using our online store, HERE.
The light texture of our tortillas insure a palatable delight, but they won’t tear or split easily while loaded up with your favorite foods!

The following pictures will give you an idea as to how we produce our organic tortillas in our Certified Kitchen.

The ingredients for each batch of tortilla dough is carefully weighed to insure consistency in flavor and texture.
After the dough is mixed, it is emptied onto a sanitized table and is now ready to be placed into a dough ball making machine.
Dough balls are placed onto trays and then put into “proofing cabinets” to prepare the dough balls for the baking process.

The dough balls are placed onto a conveyor where they are sent through a press to flatten them to size.
Here are the pressed tortillas exiting the oven and proceeding toward the cooling conveyor, on their way to where they will be bagged, labeled, and sealed.
The freshly baked tortillas are then sorted for quality and placed in stacks of 6 that then are placed in resealable bags, labeled, and sealed. From there they are placed in our cooler. They are boxed and made ready for delivery to our store locations in Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago.

Processed tortillas being sealed prior to being placed onto holding trays and stored in a walk-in cooler, before packaging and delivery.
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