The general answer is yes, it is safe. If the store sells by 1/15/24, and they are properly refrigerated after you purchase them, they should last at least 2 weeks. The 1st sign that would say don’t eat them would be mold, usually starting on the outside tortilla.

Yes you can. It may not make sense to buy them by the pack, as the shipping cost may be equal to the tortilla cost. But if you purchase a case, the price break often covers the cost of shipping.

Usually they don’t last long, as they are so delicious, they will get eaten quite rapidly. They do freeze very well without compromising the quality. Frozen they should last several months or more. The owner of a small store that sold our tortillas closed their store. The took the remaining tortillas home and they reported back to us the some were in their freezer several years and were fine when they thawed and ate them.

No. The only products we make in our facility are flour tortillas. Wheat would be the only allergen.

They require refrigeration, preferably 41 degrees or less. If you don’t plan to eat the tortillas within a week or 2, freezing them will maintain their freshness well!

Our tortillas are certified organic, therefore they have no preservatives in them.


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